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Why is having a blog important for your e-commerce?

I recently started to talk about the subject on my article dedicated to the creation of a Shopify blog but I also wanted to approach the subject in a more generalist way so that every e-trader, no matter what solution propels the shop, can understand the interests of a blog and above all why, it is a major asset to have one!

Improve the natural referencing of your online store

This seems pretty basic for some but this point alone justifies setting up a blog associated with your shop. Why can the presence of a simple blog improve your SEO? In fact, if you know the basics of natural referencing, it sounds pretty simple and logical, for others, you are in the right place 🚀!

Since Google is the undisputed master of searching almost and is more or less the one who owns the rules of the game, we will essentially focus on it.

Create content

It’s no secret, Google loves content. Regular content posting is one of the simplest but most effective practices because it shows Google that your site, so your shop and blog are active.

This content, which is increasingly provided over time, will allow you to densify what is called internal mesh, i.e. increase the links between your different pages. It is indeed advisable to make links of your articles to product/category pages and vice versa, from product/category pages to your articles.

Get backlinks

Also, blog posts, whether product tests, tops, or what do I know will allow you to get backlinks. Backlinks are very important and contribute in large part to your SEO. Only, getting backlinks on product pages, although possible, is a bit complicated, while on an article like “How to choose your raw jeans?” is more common.

This article typology can easily be shared on social networks, which will also improve the “popularity” (in the SEO sense) of your domain name.

Positioning yourself on keywords

Blog posts also allow you to position yourself on keywords associated with your business that can be important in acquiring visitors. Indeed, if you take the title of the article just above, namely “How to choose your raw jeans?”, it will allow you to position yourself on the Google query “how to choose jeans” or “choose raw jeans“.

One can take the example of the BonneGueule shop which is well placed on the query / expression “choose raw jeans” on Google thanks to its article “Tips: the ultimate guide to choose and wear quality jeans“.

As you can see, they are not the only ones who want to “ranker” / position themselves on this expression, their direct competitors are there too and you can see that they are all there via a blog post, there is no secret :)!

Connecting with your customers

If on the one hand the blog will allow you to attract new customers, on the other hand, it will allow you to retain them, bring back some, depending on the topics you will discuss.


The blog is indeed the best platform to exchange. You can write about voting company by telling your story, introducing your company and your team.

Some are not a fan but on my side I really like storytelling because it allows me to learn more about the shop where I am likely to order. Just as some like to go to their merchant for the toxic telling, I’m a bit the same but dematerialized version, I like this little link that the trader creates by sharing his story.

To use BonneGeule’s example, they recently published an article about their fundraising. Article that I read from start to finish because the subject, very entrepreneurial interests me and allows me to learn benefits about the company.

Introduce your products

Holding is a blog is also a good way to showcase your products. Your words have a weight and as a salesman, you know your products, in any case, I hope :D!

You can present your products in several forms, whether it’s a guide, “How to choose X?” or if you’re on a natural product theme, you could imagine an article “How to relieve your cold with natural products?“.

Anything is possible and imaginable, as long as the article is of interest to the reader. Why not suggest to an influencer to write a test of your product on the blog: “Our natural deodorant tested by Elvis Presley!” (by the way, sacred influencer! :D), or a buying guide as can be seen below with the blog of

Your expertise and reinsurance

One of the biggest issues of an online store is consumer reinsurance. On the internet, you can find everything, you know, your customers know it too and want to feel reassured, whether it’s about the security of your shop or the quality of the products you offer it.

With the publication of content, which is regular, you send a positive message to the internet user who realizes that there is a person /company behind the shop and this can reassure him.

Items such as “How to choose X?”, “How to wear Y?” will allow you to sit your expertise as they deal with your area of expertise. If you sell jeans, whether in stores or online, I expect you to advise me on how to wear them, clean them, etc.


As you will have understood, I can only encourage you to create a blog affiliated with your ecommerce site. Beware though, keeping a blog is an investment. You need to create content regularly and keep your blog alive, respond to comments when you have them, etc. It is more of an investment of time than money.

The major difficulty, apart from the lack of time that we all know, will be to find ideas for articles. So don’t hesitate to take inspiration from your products, be it provenance, manufacture, use, collection launches, new products etc. Also use the news, if you have a seasonality of products, make articles about the launch of sales, promotions. If you sell regulated products, communicate around a change in regulations, it will interest your readers. And finally, as I mentioned above, do some storytelling. Talk about your business, fundraising, your vision, for example the implementation of zero waste within your company, things like that!

Shopify natively offers a blog system. If you use Prestashop, you have several options, either install a blog module or integrate a WordPress. I’ll go into details about my favorite solution later but if you want to know more about setting up a blog for your online store, don’t hesitate to contact me !

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