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Product page • 10 best practices to improve your conversion rate!

Here is a very engaging title! In this article, I offer you 10 simple tips to put in place on your product pages in order to improve your conversion rate, also called conversion rate! These 10 tips, even if nothing is magic, are based on facts, they have been proven and they are above all feasible and applicable for the majority of e-merchants!

Tips to improve your conversion rate!

Do not disrupt your customers’ habits

I know that every e-merchant would like to have a unique store, which breaks the codes. I see it every day. Only take into account the habits of your users and respect the main codes of e-commerce. Indeed, users are used to having the product photo and gallery on the left, and price details, promotions, quantity selector and the “Add to cart” button on the right.

Habits are the hardest thing to change, and if you disrupt your customers’ habits, you risk scaring them away. Moreover, during a redesign of an e-commerce site, we often see a drop in the conversion rate in the short term. Indeed, even if you have improved the overall user experience of your site, your customers have to get used to it again, before your conversion rate eventually goes up.

I advise you to read this article by Capitaine Commerce wich tackles the subject a little more in depth.

Your add to cart button must be clearly identifiable

On the product page, the one and only action you want your customer to do is click the add to cart button. This is why it must be clearly identifiable and easily accessible.

Too often I see e-commerce sites where the add to cart button is the same color as the contact button, this is to be absolutely avoided and the best way to direct your potential customer to an action that is not not that expected.

Ideally, your add to cart button should be your site’s primary color. The customer will identify this color as a sign of an important action.

Also, don’t bury your add to cart button in the middle of other buttons. Do not hesitate to space it out, use and abuse white space. Your “Add to cart” button will be even more visible.

Add to cart button on
“Add to cart” button on

Here is an example of a product page on As you can see, the “Add to Cart” button is the most prominent item and therefore almost the first item the human eye notices.

View delivery information

One of the biggest obstacles to buying is delivery. Sometimes it is too expensive, the price is not clearly indicated and above all the customer is not clearly informed about the delivery times.

This is why I advise you to clearly indicate your delivery times, your prices and if you have the possibility, to display an estimate of the date of reception.

Your customers will be able to plan “after purchase” and perhaps choose the delivery method that suits them best.

Announcement of delivery date on
Delivery date announced on

Here is a telling example on the site. For the Angolmois manga (which I recommend by the way 😉), the delivery date is displayed and is for tomorrow if I order within 2 hours and 54 minutes!

Add cross selling / upselling

On the product page it is important for your user to have access to other products, whether they are products of the same category of the current product (cross selling) or accessory products (upselling) because this allows your potential customer to potentially find the product that suits him best if the current product does not suit him. This is particularly useful for products that offer a move upmarket.

For you, an e-merchant, it is also a very good way to increase the average basket (AOV – Average Order Value). Indeed, if you are selling a product, it is always practical to offer the accessories that go with it to your customer. It is a technique that works well, as well in physical as in e-commerce.

Choice of accessories and options at Tediber
Accessories offered with the Tediber mattress

In the image below, you can see the accessories / services offered when purchasing a mattress on the Tediber online store.

Integrate customer reviews

It sounds pretty basic, but in the end it’s one of the first things you can do to try and improve your conversion rate on the product page.

Indeed, the opinions of other users strongly influence the decision to buy or not. It is not for nothing that there are dozens of restaurant, bar, etc. rating applications, it is the same principle with e-commerce.

Be careful, however, not to cheat on the opinions and take a reliable and certified opinion collection provider. Personally, I often work with Trusted Shops and Verified Reviews.

Have a mobile friendly product page

Even if it’s starting to get into the habits of e-merchants, some still don’t care and bite their fingers afterwards. The use of mobile to order is becoming more democratic and I would even go so far as to say that it is intensifying.

On the product page, display your photos in a gallery where your potential client can slide between the images as they would in their favorite dating app 😏

It’s unparalleled practicality and efficiency on mobile when the product page, the entire site itself, is responsive.

Indeed, some browsers, Chrome in the first place, allow you to fill in your credit card information on the payment page and bypass one of the toughest obstacles in e-commerce, having your credit card next to you when ordering. .

Offer a size guide or a compatibility guide

If you sell shoes, clothes or ink cartridges compatible with a particular printer, display a guide!

Some people, me the first, do not dare to buy their clothes too much on the internet mainly because they do not know how to size the clothes or the shoe. Size 43 at New-Balance is not necessarily the same as it is Adidas, Nike etc.

Ditto for household appliances or computer accessories, display the references with which these products are compatible! I used the example of a toner cartridge because it is my concern at the moment to find a printer but it can work with appliances, kitchen accessories, etc.

Show images related to the options offered

Similar to the tip above, your customers love to see what they’re buying!

Therefore, if you offer different colors for a product, do not hesitate to add photos representing the product in those colors in the product image gallery. This is also valid for options of materials, textures or other.

This will allow your customer to see the product they are going to receive and not be surprised when they open the box.

In the same spirit, in-situ photos are always more attractive and meaningful because they allow the buyer to project even further!

You need a title and a clear description

Once again, this is only common sense, but if I recall it, it is unfortunately necessary. A lot of times I see product descriptions full of nonsense and clearly not binding on the purchase. Highlight all the strengths of your products. It doesn’t matter the design, origin, durability, but write clear, precise and true descriptions.

For product titles, avoid lengthy titles. When it is too long it means that there are unnecessary details and potentially disturbing to the buyer.

Show reinsurance

Always in the idea of reducing the number of brakes on the purchase, use reinsurance what is it? They are usually big icons indicating that shipping is free, returns are free, and that you are satisfied or your money back.

Reinsurance image on Nature & Découvertes
Reinsurance of Nature and Discoveries

Personally, if a site does not give me such reassurance, I move on to the next. Customers are used to these little inserts and have questions if they are not present.


So here is a list of tips to increase your conversion rate, focused on the product page.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, nothing is magic and the result of these actions will be felt in the long term. These tips are based on observations from hundreds of stores and have proven their worth in the world of e-commerce.

Remember that to increase your conversion rate, you need to remove as many buying brakes as possible and imaginable. Your future client should not ask any questions!

This first article will open the way for one or two more articles on improving conversion rates. The next one will be either focused on the purchase tunnel or the category page, pages often damaged by e-merchants!

Also, what works quite well with some of my clients is a referral program. This makes it easy for your customers to invite their loved ones for compensation and to acquire new potential customers easily!

Do not hesitate if you have questions, comments or simply, if you want to discuss!

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