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How do I create a Shopify blog?

Creating a Shopify blog is a great option to improve your shop’s natural/SEO. The content of your blog posts is a great gateway to your shop. So come and find out how to create a Shopify blog!

Even if your last memory of blogging is your SkyBlog on Tokio Hotel in the early 2000s, you should know that it is always one of the best, if not the best, ways to improve the natural referencing of your e-commerce shop! Thanks to the content of your blog that will revolve around the theme of your online shop, you will be able to draw traffic.

Of course, it’s not a magic weapon, it takes quality content and time to time in order to attract visitors, who gradually become your customers and buy your products.

The blog is so still topical that Shopify, unlike Prestashop, natively offers this feature. Here’s how to start blogging about Shopify.

Write your first Shopify blog post

Once connected to the Shopify administration interface, in the “Sales Channels” and then “Online Shop” section, you have a “Blog Articles” menu. It is then possible to create the first blog post!

Once you arrive on the editing page of an article, it’s quite simple and well structured but I give you a little detail of the areas below, it could needle you anyway!

An article on Shopify's editorial screen preview

You have at the top the field to put the title of your article and below, a rich publisher to write it. So you can insert links, images, text, videos, etc.

On the right, you have 2 “Visible” or “Hidden” fields. When your article is ready to be published, check “Visible” and save at the top right of the page. Then you have the option to put a “star image”, this is the image that will be displayed in the listing of your articles. Note that you can also publish a specific publication date, which allows you to schedule your articles for a later date, such as on WordPress for example 🙂

Then you have 2 zones, “Extract” which you use to put the catchphrase of the article that will be displayed with the featured image, and there is also a section “Preview of SEO on search engines” that changes and fills as the writing progresses. In this area, you can change the title and description of your article that will be displayed in Google, for example.

Manage blog categories on Shopify

Category management is a bit special on Shopify and is called “blogs”. Not very clear, but don’t worry, I’ll explain. In the detailed editing interface above, there is a final section entitled “Organization“, you can select the author but also the associated Blog, namely the category. By default, the “Info” category exists by default, but you can create a new one quickly.

Category management on the Shopify blog

In the list of articles, you can manage your “blogs” a.k.a categories via the “Manage blogs” button. So you can rename the default category “Info” and create more easily. By the way, you can also manage the RSS feed of these “blogs” and activate comments or not.

Category management on Shopify

I hope you’ve managed to create your blog on Shopify and that you can start your content strategy and drain traffic to your store.

If you can, don’t hesitate to create an internal mesh between product descriptions and blog posts. A product description may have a link to a blog post and an article to product listings.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions about creating a Shopify or Shopify blog in general!

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