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Top 10 Prestashop modules I recommend!

Like my article on the best WordPress plugins, I offer here my list of the best Prestashop modules available on the official PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

Starting on a good foundation will allow you to have a stable and perenne site, essential assets in the life of an e-commerce site. So here I give you a short list of modules that I use on a daily basis for my clients.

Payment modules

Payment modules are essential. A bad payment module or an unreliable provider will cause problems. That’s why I make a very selective list of two payment modules that I like and with whom I work almost every day.


PayPlug is for me the best payment module available on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

The module is intuitive and has a pleasant and fluid payment interface for the consumer as well as an easy dashboard for the merchant.

It will allow the merchant to manage refunds directly from the interface of a customer order, allowing you to make this bad time much smoother and faster.

Also, payPlug also offers physical payment terminals that will allow you to unify your online and physical payments. This is a significant addition at a time when more and more craftsmen and physical traders are digitizing.

Fintecture, instant transfer payment

Fintecture Pay by Bank is the first bank-to-bank payment solution, 100% without a card, in France to collect payments directly from customers’ bank accounts securely.

This new payment method allows you to bypass card caps and instantly convert high basket transactions. Unlike card payments, paybyers with large intermediaries, Pay by Bank increases merchant conversion rates through immediate, frictionless payments from one bank to another.

By disintermediating payments, Fintecture Pay by Bank significantly reduces transaction costs. Merchants pay a low percentage only on transactions made. The solution is committed to being more competitive than a card payment. In addition, funds are available quickly, between 10 seconds and 1 business day.

In order to ensure the protection of your customers’ data, Fintecture Pay by Bank’s “Security by Design” allows customer authentication directly and only with their bank, no sensitive data is entered outside the banking environment so no data leakage is possible.

Prestashop Shop Management

I offer you some modules that I advise my customers and that will allow you to better manage your content and your shop on a daily basis.

Automatic positioning of your products

On the category pages of your shop, your products are often categorized by date of creation, alphabetical order, in a chosen position or by price. And if you rank your products according to their sales in the last three months; or if you put the products on sale first, according to their conversion rate or depending on the quantity of the product in stock?

That’s what this module allows! With a simple interface, you could even combine different sorting criteria to offer the most cost-effective products first in your category pages, enough to improve your conversion rate!


Already recommended on WordPress, Weglot recently offered a module dedicated to its implementation on Prestashop. The Prestashop module was developed by my agency and has been available recently.

WeGlot is for me one of the best, if not the best translation module for PrestaShop.

Drive and Click Module – Collect / Store Withdrawal

Here is a module that I used a lot during my participation in the operation #EcommerceSolidaire by Friends of Presta because it allows to set up a system of Drive / Withdrawal in store in a simple and effective way.

You can manage absolutely everything, your opening hours of course but also, the duration of a slot, the number of withdrawals possible per slot and even the withdrawal store if you have several stores.


A real do-it-yourself module, StoreCommander will allow you to work on your shop’s products and categories much faster and simply than in the back office of Prestashop.

The features are numerous, import/export CSV, Mass edition of data, simplified management of your variations, multi-boutique compatible, import of photos from a smartphone and a whole bunch of other features.

The documentation is quite extensive and the support responds by email to your problems in less than a day :)!


Prestablog is a blog module available on Prestashop Addons. Although I prefer to go through WordPress to create a blog, Prestablog can prove to be an intermediate and less expensive solution to create a blog within your shop.

If you want to know more about blogging, I recommend you read one of my previous articles on the importance of having a blog for an online shop!

Utility modules

Here’s my little list of utility modules for Prestashop. These are modules that I install regularly and that most of the time do not require further action afterwards.

Trusted Shops / Verified Reviews

Avis Vérifiés and Trusted Shops are, as the name suggests, two review collection companies that also display these reviews on your product pages as well as a badge to view the average rating of the site at a glance.

Both work via a subscription system and will allow you through their module to automatically send an email to your X-day customers (you set) after the order in order to collect reviews.

To learn more about reviews and their positive impact, I invite you to read my article on best practices to improve your conversion rate

re Captcha – Anti Spam – recaptcha – anti fake accounts

A module that is as useful as it is essential. So essential that a captcha system should be included basic in Prestashop.

Nevertheless, with this module, more worries, it allows to install a captcha on the page of registration, contact in order to avoid any spam!

It offers a few options and allows to activate the classic captcha, called v2 but also the invisible captcha, also called v3.

Finally, for those who wish, it also has a dark fashion.

Online chat

This communication tool has become essential for e-retailers as it is useful to improve your customer relationship and even improve your conversion rate.

This module, developed by the PrestaShop teams, is offered without a subscription and allows you to manage daily communication between you / your team and visitors, your potential customers.

The chat window is customizable and will best fit into your graphics chart.


So here is the list of Prestashop modules that I recommend with my eyes closed. As mentioned above, it is a limited selection and of course, there are a lot of modules that are also very qualitative and do their job well, but you had to make choices! 😀

Don’t hesitate if you have other modules that you also advise your customers, mention them in comment below!

As always, if you have questions or if you want to discuss about one or more modules mentioned above or the e-commerce in general, do not hesitate, I am available by email, on social networks (Twitter or LinkedIn) but especially in comment below! 🙂

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