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Automatically and immediately index your WordPress site on Bing!

After Google a few weeks ago, Bing decided to land on WordPress with its official plugin to help webmasters index their URLs more quickly on its search engine.

In fact, Bing is often neglected by webmasters and most of them do not even know that there is also a “Search Console” center on Bing, the Bing Webmaster Tool.

However, Bing is not abandoned and Microsoft is investing a lot of money at the moment to attract new users. Bing is currently in second position, far behind Google of course, but also far ahead of Yahoo and the new search engines such as Ecosia, Qwant and DuckDuckGo.

Bing can therefore be a good lever for acquiring traffic as long as you invest a little in it!

EngineAll devicesDesktopMobile
Market share of search engines in France and by device
Source: StatsCounter / July 2020

So that this search engine is a little better considered by webmasters and site editors, Bing therefore decides to attack the market quite strongly with its plugin since it has an interesting functionality.

Indeed, the plugin allows you to immediately send and index your content as soon as it is published!

This is not the only feature, here is the list:

  • Activation / deactivation of automatic submission.
  • Ability to submit a URL manually
  • List of URLs submitted by the plugin (manually or automatically)
  • Returning failed submissions
  • Export of submissions in CSV

Other features seem to be under development, I’ve been testing it for 2/3 days on this blog and I’m pretty happy for the moment!

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