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Install Prestashop locally on Windows

It is always useful to install a Prestashop locally and I do it more and more, whether it is to develop or to test new versions.

This is convenient for several reasons, including speed, everything is on the machine, even without an internet connection, it works. To do multi-file searches, etc.

I work mainly on Windows, so I will show you the procedure I use.

Local server installation

The best known is WAMP (Windows / Apache / MySQL / PHP) but I have been using Laragon for a while now. I had a lot of disappointments with WAMP and I found with Laragon everything I needed, especially ease and speed of use.

Laragon has everything a developer could need (Apache, Mysql, Memcached, Redis, PHP 5.6 / 7.0 / 1.7 / 7.2, Mail Sandbox, etc.) and has many more arguments than WAMP.

Download Laragon

The installation is quite simple, you just have to follow the given steps. Here it is installed.

Before starting, you have to check an important parameter for the creation of a local site. Go to the settings and check if the “Automatically create virtual hosts” parameter is checked. You can also check the “hostname” parameter. Me it is in “www. {Name} .test”. Once your local Prestashop is installed, you can access it with the URL “ of yourproject.test”.

Install a local Prestashop

The first thing to do when you want to install a Prestashop is to create a database and a virtual host in order to access it.

Creation of the virtual host and the database

Laragon allows you to create everything you need to quickly set up a local site. With a single click, you can create a database and the virtual host (also called virtual host) which are two essential things to operate a site and therefore your Prestashop.

Just go to Laragon -> Menu -> Create a website quickly -> Blank

Note: There is also a “Prestashop” option which allows to do the same thing with the addition of automatic Prestashop download and decompression, but this option never worked for me.

A window will appear asking you for the name of your project, it will be used for the name of the database as well as for the URL that will be used to access your local Prestashop.

A notification will appear a few seconds later on your desktop, your database and the virtual hotel will be operational.

Note: By default, the MySQL user for Laragon is root with an empty password.

Prestashop installation

It’s time to get to the heart of the matter and install Prestashop! Finally !

First, go to the official Prestashop website and download the latest version.

You will need to unzip the zip obtained in the directory generated by Laragon. If you can’t find it, just click on “Root” on the Laragon home screen. A Windows Explorer window opens and the folder named after the previously created project will be there. See you there 🙂

List of Prestashop files

Your file should now look like this. From this moment, you can go to the URL of your project, for me it is “http: //www.prestashoplocal.test”

So you get to the Prestashop installation wizard, which looks like this:

Prestashop installation wizard

Continue the steps necessary to install your store and when you are asked for the database information, put the name you entered for your project, as well as “root” in user and leave the password empty.

Have fun ! 🙂

I hope this quick little tutorial will help you out and get you started on Prestashop. Do not hesitate if you think that something is missing or if you think that a point deserves to be further developed, in another article, for example!

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