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Why work on the natural referencing (SEO) of its website?

If you have a website on which you sell products or services, then it can be very interesting for your business to work Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

I explain in this article why the SEO is an acquisition channel with an excellent return on investment, and we will see what types of business model it is adapted to.

SEO is a must if you want to grow your business over the long term

If you plan to sell your products or services over the long term for years, then natural referencing is an essential acquisition channel today for your online business.


Simply because the SEO has an exceptional return on investment over the long term.

Indeed, the SEO allows you to have free visitors on your website.

In addition, these visitors are qualified: they have done a search related to your activity.

Thus, positioning yourself on the Google search engine for keywords sought by your potential customers will allow you to get customers for free over time.

Natural referencing is therefore much more interesting than online advertising if you plan to grow your business in the long term.

Indeed, with online advertising you will pay for every click on your ads.

Whereas once your website gets interesting positions on Google, you won’t have to pay anything to get new customers.

SEO or SEA? What’s best for your business?

As we’ve seen, with the paid SEA SEO you’ll pay with every click on your ads.

Only, you can quite be profitable.

SEA (or Google advertising) can be a great way to create cash quickly by making your first online conversions.

Indeed the big advantage of the SEA is that it is immediate.

You’ll pay, and you’ll be directly visible in Google’s paid ads.

That is, in a few hours, you will be able to get qualified traffic to your website.

Whereas with the SEO, it’s much longer.

It may take several months to get your first conversions via Google’s free natural traffic.

This is especially if your website is young and has never been optimized for natural referencing. It will then take several months to get interesting positions on Google.

But once your natural referencing is well set up, you will have as we have seen customers for free.

SEO and SEA, an interesting synergy

It can be interesting to start your business doing AES or advertising on social networks in order to quickly create a cash flow that will allow you to invest in your SEO for a long-term vision.

Such a strategy will allow you to make sales quickly and invest in SEO so you don’t have to pay for advertising for years to come.

The SEA can be managed rather easily by yourself if you are comfortable with digital and you are watching training on the internet.

On the other hand, the SEO is very complex. Competition is tough today.

Indeed, as we have seen, the return on investment is exceptional in the long run. And your competitors have understood that.

Thus, the SEO, it is no longer improvised today. You have to go through a competent professional like a freelance SEO to be able to obtain competitive positions on Google.

The SEO and the AES can therefore work in synergy.

Now you know more about SEO and SEA, and in which cases use one or the other.

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